Project management software for the construction industry

Ctrldoc provides cloud-based software solutions specifically tailored to different aspects of your construction build: from passive fire rating, to ITPs, QA and Samples Management.


Designed with in-depth expertise of the Australian construction industry, our suite of mobile Apps follow the construction industry workflow and best practice, and have a multitude of features that allow you to streamline your workflow and ensure compliance across a wide range of construction projects.

With four stand-alone Apps that can be used individually or concurrently depending on your project needs and requirements, you can ensure each aspect of your project is accurately captured and reported on, whether you’re a builder, a sub-contractor trade, or an inspector.

Use our fire penetration register to achieve fire rating compliance in accordance with AS4072.1, or track and report on your QA with digitised ITPs forms, manage your samples and materials approvals, or track your defect and rectification works. 

Ctrldoc’s products are utilised Australia-wide by construction professionals who work on a diverse range of projects from large commercial towers and shopping centres to small residential and townhouse projects.

How Ctrldoc Works With You.

We work with you to understand your business and your processes. Our construction industry team of experts understands your workflow and your challenges and will help you to digitise and streamline your workflow.

We on-board your company and train your stakeholders and trades as needed to get everyone working efficiently.


Find out how we can save you time on your next project.

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