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Ctrldoc provides construction management mobile Apps to help you manage all the different aspects of your construction projects: from passive fire rating to ITPs, QA and samples management. 


AS4072.1 Are your projects compliant?

Not capturing your fire rating data could have huge consequences for your business. Firedoc is a fire penetration register App used by passive fire and building professionals to suit the fluid movement around fire rating and the information capture that is required to comply with building standards. Use our Firedoc app to stay compliant.

Firedoc is used by Plumbers, Electricians, Fire protection, Mechanical and Caulking trades and provides the solution to address the issue of appropriately documenting the information relating to all service penetration and control joint products installed on your projects. In a crowed competitive market, Firedoc provides you with the platform to save costs and provide to your client code compliance confidence. 

If you, or your trades are capturing this information manually via file transfers and excel spreadsheets, you must know that this process time-consuming and costly. Worst still, information not captured correctly possess a risk to Building Code Compliance, delayed handovers and costly post work rectification.

Our software allows you to create a photographic location referenced evidence report specific to AS4072.1 compliance.

Firedoc offers the following features:

• Cloud based technology, Mobile friendly App 

• Works in online and offline mode, allowing you to capture and sync date when working out of range

• Plan centric interface, location reference photos tagged against specific locations on  your building plans

• Automated auto-assigned location IDs

• Autogenerated Barcode ID stickers templates

• Prebuilt QA work flow

• Track processes and quality in real time

• Generate professional reports at the push of a button


Ensure your business is compliant with the AS4072.1 legislation.


The Firedoc platform provides an easy way to capture, record and report all your information.


Improves the efficiency of time-consuming paper-based systems and complicated workflows. 

Generate record ID labels and Register Reports with a click.

Save time and costs.


Upload your dwgs to create location specific marking plan of the records required and records captured. 


Detailed location plans included in your reports and available with a click. 



Real time project progress tracking. 


Invite users and share your project progress

​Reduce the margin for error with access to real-time information 

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 5.46.48 PM.png

We'll work with your team to onboard and train all your stakeholders so you can enjoy the full benefits of Firedoc and CtrlDoc.


Product support is provided via online chat during business hours (9am to 5pm). 


Plan-centric cloud based software and mobile applications that allow you to simplify your workflow even when working offline.
Forms: Quality Assurance (QA) software

Custom Form Builder for ITPs QA Management and Tracking.

  • Provides a plan centric service for Clients to track and ensure their QA requirements are met.

  • Levering off location tags the bulk of the ITP’s/ITC’s for on your project are ready from day 1.

  • Milestone vs Possession date tracking give you the power to stay one step ahead.

  • User Assignee due date vs Close date tracking allows you to track progress in real time.

  • Data is captured via Internet connected device.

  • Offline functionality when connection is lost.

  • User-friendly interface to assist in data input.

  • Intuitive design / minimal training required.

  • Information collected is updated in real time.

  • Visual Tracking UX allows you to track progress with ease.

  • Generate and share reports with ease

Review: Defects Management and Tracking

Recording and tracking Defect Rectification works.


  • Log, assign users and due dates and close out Defects or Tasks.

  • A clear picture of your project status at a glance and accountability to your defect management procedures.

  • Reduce paperwork and mitigate the risk of lost information.

  • Real-team data feed. Track progress on the go.

  • Plan centric interface, for record marking and tracking.

  • Create assignable Records with an auto-assigned unique ID reference.

  • Create Sub-Tasks under each Record.

  • Comments and images can be added to each record.

  • Customisable User Permissions suit your control requirements.

  • Customisable Close Out workflow to suit your project.

  • Easy Reporting with pre-made or customisable templates.

  • Data available for user to export remotely at any time.

Samples: the Materials Approval App

Manage the materials submission and approval process.


  • Samples records the Contract Specification vs Proposed products and materials submitted.

  •  Users are accountable for providing the required information relating to the products and materials they procure for your project.

  • Product data is saved to the workflow which is easily retrieval for review or inclusion into as-builts manuals.

  • Warranty requirements are tacked and flagged to user attention.

  • Prebuilt QA ensures the right products are offered for approval.

  • Barcoded Stickers allows you to quickly label and identify the status of the physical sample at hand.

  • Digital sign-off allows users to collaborate on the go

  • Procurement and final installation auditing provides a complete end to end cycle.

  • Accurately control, record and document the approval process.



We are a technology company providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the construction industry.

Our founders have a strong background in both construction industry management, and technological development and delivery of software applications products. 

Our products are used Australia-wide by Head Contractors and Subcontractors across all types of projects: from large commercial towers and shopping centres, to smaller residential and townhouse projects.

Ctrldoc provides dedicated support with in-depth working knowledge of the construction industry to ensure all your team is on-board:

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Priority Email support / Video support / Phone support (during business hours)

  • Advanced training for end users and admins

  • Automatic product patches and product feature updates



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Our clients are using our software on projects currently being built by the following main contractors:

Richard Crookes Constructions, Lipman, Parkview, Multiplex, Lendlease, Hutchinson, Watpac, Hacer Group, Kane Construction, Buxton, Beck Property Group, Ireland Brown, Buildcorp, Built, AV Jennings, Icon (NZ), ABD Group, Belmadar, ADCO, CBP Contractors, Crema, FDC, Ganellan, Hamilton Marino, Hansen Yuncken, Hickory, Ironside, John Holland, Roberts Pizzarotti and Brady, to name a few.



"I’m extremely impressed with how streamlined the process becomes once floors are set up and stickers printed, the detail and appearance of the stickers are professional and have become the standard on site that others must adhere to." 


Dan Wong - Maxim Electrical


"Using Firedoc is a massive time saver for all involved. From the uploading of plans, marking locations, taking photos, to generation of reports this program has saved us a considerable amount of time. Another good point with this program, is that you can track progress of the fire rating without having to physically walk onsite.”


Paul Lyon - Site Manager / Prime Electrical


“Just wanted to say that this product you have developed is fantastic. At the start I thought this would be a bit of nightmare for the boys to use, but once you get your head around it, it is so easy. What we love about this is that it is also a great tool for the boys to know if they have installed all of the collars and not missed any at such an early stage of install and not creating expensive issues later down the track along with also creating evidence of installation if ever needed. The reports back from the onsite Probuild team have been fantastic." 


Paul Tancredi - Site Supervisor / Complete Plumbing Contracting




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